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    Jul. 27, 2011

    Default how best to measure used riding boots?

    I have a pair of field boots in great condition that (let's face it) just ain't gonna fit over my calves any more. I want to advertise them on ebay or CL, but not sure how to measure them. They're semi-custom; stock foot but custom calf and not made by a traditional boot company (i.e. Ariat, Mountain Horse, or even Dehner, etc.) It's been so long ago that I have absolutely no clue what diameter my calves were at the time they were ordered. (other than skinnier than I am now! ) What is the best way to get an approx size measurement so I can advertise them, beyond just saying regular or wide calf, etc? ('cause you know someone's going to ask!) TIA!

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    Sep. 5, 2007


    Just measure around the widest part of the calf around the outside of the boot.
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    Jul. 27, 2011


    Thanks, Tiger. I didn't know if it was really that simple, or if I should somehow try to get an inside measurement.

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    Jun. 23, 2010


    I would post the measurement around the calf at the widest point, the length from toe to heel, the width at the widest point under the ball of the foot, and the height up the back of the boot. It's also useful to post what foot size you usually wear in boots, and what your usual calf size is, so the buyer will have that information for conparison.

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    Jan. 18, 2010


    When looking at used boots, I want to see outside measurement for: widest part of calf, back seam of boot (with note of whether or not it includes the heel/sole), highest outside height (again, whether or not heel/sole is included), and toe to heel length.
    That gives me a close enough idea if they'll work or not. I might ask for either additional measurements and/or pictures of the measurement if it's close but something I'm going to buy if im fairly certain they'll fit.

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