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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluey View Post
    Maybe you are seeing some badly trained race horses, but then, how familiar are you with race horses?
    Do you realize that those are extremely fit athletes, "on the muscle" and ready for a tremendous effort and well trained to control that energy for that, in ways that maybe to those that don't know any better may make them seem "spazzed out"?

    I'm VERY familiar with TB race horses..DH trained at the major east coast tracks for 40+ years and I was a licenced trainer for about half that time. I know a "spazzed" horse when I see it. When the races are a mere 220, 440 yards long the trainers/jocks want them hot and fired up!! I don't know about the whipping them into a frenzy in plain sight, but I do know of the use of "joints", hot shots and drop cords used at the barns and on the track before the races. I spoke of first hand knowledge of the OTQH's I've seen in the Oklahoma area. I'm sure there are some nice QH's is my favorite "all purpose" using breed. I just question their suitablity "post race training" in this part of the world. A sweet, pleasant, slow QH won't have much use in the speed, speed and more speed world of racing QH's. It's not like they are running a mile or more like TB's. Nothing against the breed...just what I've seen here.
    If you are so experienced, you ought to realize that a frantic horse won't work well in the gate, may be sent back to the barn and won't run well or straight enough to even place if it is running ragged and rattled.

    That is why all that just doesn't make any good sense, unless you are talking about some yahoos in some brush tracks, that play bumper cars while racing.

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    I've known a couple race-bred QHs, though only one was actually off-track. They can be great horses, but it would have to be an awfully special horse for me to buy anything with Dash For Cash breeding. IME, the Dash For Cash's are stubborn, easily offended, have very long memories, and hold grudges. Maybe its just the ones I've known, but none that I've worked with have been very enjoyable to work with or ride, and none of then have felt very trustworthy. That being said, I would love to own an OTQH, if I could find one that was differently bred.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluey View Post
    Right, I have not been there for long now, but it just doesn't make much sense that any trainer would let a jockey, that already has a handful of horse ready to load in the gates, be beating on it.
    That would be counterproductive to all the training to get that horse quietly in the gate.
    They are already so anxious and on the edge of acting up, if not handled just right.
    Trainers look for jockeys that can handle the horses well, not beat them around.

    Not saying that there may not be an idiot or two out there doing who knows what, but I don't think they would last long, would not get any rides.
    None of it makes any sense, but the riders win, so the trainers don't care. I personally never noticed any correlation between riders who do it and winning lots of races. Just looking at the current Sunland leader board for QH riders, of the top 10, 4 of them regularly hit their horses in the post parade (including the one that hits EVERY horse-QH or TB, before EVERY race), 2 I don't know, 3 are nice calm riders, and 1 would only whip them if he felt the horse needed a wakeup but could be a quiet rider as well. Most of the QH's there go into the gate in flipping halters (hmmm, wonder why). There are some horrible, horrible things that go in in the NM QH racing industry. Plenty of good honest people with quiet, well mannered horses and good gentle riders, but they are not the norm there.

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