I'm looking for advice on choosing a bit. My 22 yr old OTTB is quite over fit and not getting enough exercise. He's fit, feisty and fire breathing. 2 weeks ago he bolted on me and I came off. Our footing is horrible right now either mud or ice and the only place it's good is in the field where I came off. I usually ride him in a Sprenger KK Baucher for flat work and I have been riding him with an English hackamore for conditioning rides. Today I rode him out in the Baucher and I still feel like I need a little more control. I need to be able to stop him if he decides its time to play racehorse again.

The bits I can borrow that fit him are a single jointed Pelham and a French link elevator. I have never ridden him in anything but the Baucher or hackamore or a loose ring years ago.
He tends to be heavy and lean at the canter which was why I went to the hackamore for conditioning. He's much lighter in that but apparently he can ignore me.

I appreciate any advice. He's not usually a jerk but he's feeling a little too good right now. I don't want to make a habit of unplanned flying dismounts.