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    Sep. 30, 2007

    Default First lesson in a LONG time tomorrow!

    I'm really looking forward to getting back into the lesson loop. We started working with an eventing trainer last April and did our first BN last fall. Due to various and sundry reasons including horse being out of commission for nearly two months, we have had not had any lessons since September : ( Will probably stay at BN for the next season- we will do at least one three day long event (possibly two) and one or two one day events. Also several schooling shows. Wish I had the time and money to do more but I'm happy to at least be able to compete occasionally! I hope my horse and I learn a lot!

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    Dec. 4, 2006
    New York


    Hope your lesson went well! Let us know... Am envious -- 4 years and still no eventing (or horse to do it on... ;-)

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    Jun. 22, 2006
    SF Bay Area, CA


    Have fun in your lesson today! Let us know how it goes.

    I hear you on how hard it is to find time to get ready to compete. I'll always stay at BN because my career/time doesnt allow me to be more serious But it keeps things fun and easy.

    I mostly stick to the Hunter Paces around here, but plan to do Twin Rivers (1 Day) in May. Maybe I'll see you there?
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    Aug. 12, 2009


    Hope you had a great lesson. I am in the same boat but at tadpole , thinking about BN in a month but pony hates the dreaded water. Let us know how it went, I have had way too much time off too as have the horses as I had a herniated disc.
    Hope you got some pictures!

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    Sep. 30, 2007


    Thanks for all your responses. We just did a flat lesson and worked a lot on transitions and 20 m circles at trot, canter and 10 m circles at canter. We did not completely digress from our last lessons! Trainer just observed the girl to be fatter (I am too but she was too kind to say anything). It was so nice to get some feedback and some things for us to focus on. I'm going to spectate at Twin Rivers on Saturday and hope to take a lesson to school on the xc stuff on Monday. I hacked the girl out on the xc course after our lesson and it was fun to see all the jumps. BN doesn't look to hard, N doesn't look to hard, but the BIG jumps are pretty intimidating to me!

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