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    Default Gymnastics

    I'm starting a trend with my students where once a month we are going to set up a different gymnastic to work on. My students are maiden and beginner novice riders with horses capable of higher (and frankly we started this because their horses were getting bored) I'm looking for fun, rider confidence building grids that will work for 18" up to 3'6"/3'9" so I can school on them too.

    Right now we are doing ground poles to an X one stride (18') X one stride (18') Vert two stride (30') ascending oxer
    Everyone is having a blast!

    What would be some fun gymnastics to try? (Please include measurements) I've got Jimmy's book on order.

    ETA: I've got an arena space with a slight grading in one section, so we can do grids on the slope too. I've never heard of doing that, but I have one student with downhill fears that I was thinking may benefit?
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    I'm kind of surprised no one has responded! Perhaps things will pick up monday morning when everyone is behind a desk.

    Here's what I'm thinking for February
    l 9' X 10' X 10' X 30' lll 30' X 10' X 10' X 9' l
    chaque pas est fait ensemble

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