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    Quote Originally Posted by three_dayer View Post
    Don't forget wild horse in napa, ca. That drive to the event was an adventure into itself, the road was so steep and curvy that the larger rigs had to unload the horses at the bottom of the hill and walk them up.
    Wild Horse Valley Ranch was such an adventure. That crazy steep winding drive up the mountain was not for the feint of heart. My first time I drove to WHVR I was a newbie towing a 2 horse straightload and once I got to the top, I had to pull over and vomit. Loved that event!

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    Former Area VI rider checking in. The area has lost quite a few events. One that I really enjoyed was American Valley. It was in a gorgeous location. Pebble Beach was special to me as I did my first event there. The area is lucky in that it has gained many new facilities over the years.
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    Hearthstone & Stillwater. Great organizers - Jane and Don were wonderful to work with. The courses were always really nice. I used to love it when they used the bank and grob in SJ (in a GRASS arena no less). And of course their fantastic competitor's dinners with pork, corn on the cob and tomatoes. It was ALWAYS fantastic! Don gave me my start in announcing and I loved it... even on the windy day when he put me up in a cherry picker! LOL My only complaint was when he'd try to make the breaks between levels so short... his crew was on top of things and he could sometimes get that break down to 10 minutes. Unfortunately, that's the only time when I could get a run to the bathroom and I'd have to argue with him on start times! LOL
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    NOT as old as me. I remember Rocking Horse when it was Rocking Horse, Sharpton, then back to Rocking Horse....

    Quote Originally Posted by NCSaddleFitter View Post
    I LOVED Suncatcher! Valhalla was a blast too. But Basingstoke was always my favorite. Lots of space, tons of jumps, and a great place to take a youngster to school. Martie ran a great event, and in a way, she still does. She runs Equestrian Secretarial Services, which organizes and runs most of the recognized dressage shows in the Raleigh area.

    I also remember going to Rocking Horse when it was still called Sharpton. Man, I'm old.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tm View Post
    Agreed, Big Spender. Radnor was never the same for me either.

    Ledyard, though.... That was the first event I ever went to. I was barely out of high school, and I borrowed mom's car and lassoed a couple of friends and drove to MA to see it. It rained the whole weekend and the friends didn't speak to me for weeks afterwards, but the moment I arrived I knew that this was the world I wanted to be in. That weekend, seeing the other photographers at work, was probably the first time that it had occurred to me that I could make a living photographing horses.... That was 35 years ago any I'm still at it! Having come from a time and place that Training Level was a Big Deal, I still remember the electric excitement that weekend of seeing big time horses jump big time fences.
    Terri, I have to say that I have some of the BEST pictures from you in my eventing days!
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    Agreed Essex, Chesterland and Radnor were must do's. But ya know, Green Springs had a great course, and gorgeous rolling ground. Shame it didn't hang around longer.

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