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    Default Any online retailers w/ low cost shipping carry the Uckele Vitamin E and Selenium?

    I tried all the usual sources (Smartpak, Farmvet, Dover, SLT, Valley Vet, Jeffers, etc.) Either they carry no Uckele products or they carry some but not the Vitamin E/Selenium products. Why are Uckele products so hard to find? Closest "local" source is 30 miles away in a direction I never go, at a feed store I've never heard of. I'd love to try this product if I could find it!
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    Probably your best bet is to call that feed store and see if they actually have it.

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    Uckele seems to have really decreased their free/discounted shipping deals. Which has a lot to do with why I rarely buy their products nowadays. Our local tack store carries some Uckele stuff and I always grab the products I like (Equi-Omega and Sport Horse pellets) whenever I find them, but their shipping is just too costly.

    I agree--see if the feed store carries or can order the stuff you want--would be worth a drive a few times a year, probably, if you could combine it with any other trips in that direction.

    The only other thing I can think of is fairs and trade shows--up here Uckele will often have a booth at our horse expos and you can contact them ahead of time to bring a specific product if you're going, and pick it up there.
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    Try Cheshire Horse:

    $62.95 for E/SE 10X, (+ $8 shipping)
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    it's still a few months away, but what about the Equine Affaire in OH?? Uckele is on the list of vendors, perhaps you could arrange ahead of time for them to bring you a supply?

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