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    Default Question about REM sleep/Seizures

    So, stupid question... but something I was wondering about today...

    How can you tell the difference between a mild seizure and a very active REM sleep in a dog.

    Is it as simple as: Dog Awake = Seizure, Dog Asleep = REM sleep

    (my dog did have a very mild seizure about 3 years ago. It was never determined what caused it, and the vet wasn't overly concerned. But seeing some of the *crazy* REM sleep antics she's been having these past few days, I started to wonder how to tell the two apart...)
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    A good indicator of a seizure would be if the dog is acting disoriented after it is over, possibly walking in circles. If he seems normal moves around without issues then I would guess just an active rem. Hopefully others will jump in with more but those are the two main things I can think of off hand that would be noticeable.
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