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    Default Short brown girth with buckle covers?

    So Pony seems to have some sensitive skin and my current jump girth isn't cutting it. It is a prestige shaped girth, 55cm, and I'm using a mattes dressage girth cover on it. Unfortunately the cover doesn't cover the buckles and poor Pony's elbow has been rubbing against one of the buckles.

    Only fleecey option I have found is the mattes shaped sheepskin dressage girth with buckle covers (can be found in brown if you look in the right place) but I really don't want to shell out $200+ on a girth just after buying a new saddle (found a really awesome deal on a brand new Ideal monoflap that fits Pony perfectly and lets me jack my stirrups up high enough for XC)

    Does someone else have better google foo than me? Or should I just go with a cheepo sleeve and cut it down?

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    I believe the ideal girth length has the buckles above elbow height, to avoid the rubbing problem you describe.

    Can you borrow a longer short girth to see if that helps? You could always try to trade your current girth with someone for a slightly longer one.
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    I made myself a custom short girth cover from one of the long girth synthetic fleece covers

    Then I cut down the front of the girth cover, long enough so that the cut flap was as long as the buckle area and added velcro to close. My girth was also long enough that the buckles were above the elbow. But these things eliminated rubs.

    Also, sometimes this website has used short brown girths:

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