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    My gelding is going into month five - drugs are your and your horse's friend. I hate doing it, but it keeps me and him from getting hurt. I add toys and new things in his stall from time to time. As much hand walking as you can do is good for body and soul. If you have a quiet horse that can spend a little time in, if they are generally out. Good luck and I hope the time passes quickly.

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    The one trick I learned from COTH years ago and have used repeatedly is to stick a whole rutabaga in their feed tub. It usually takes them a few days to eat one and gives them something to do.

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    My gelding loves a routine and what I did when handwalking was use the timer on my cell phone for a period of time (ten minutes in our case). When the timer sounded we would stop for a few minutes of praise /scratches and a treat. I then reset the timer for another 10 minutes and off we went again. Made for less tedious handwalking and my gelding seemed to enjoy it too! He was not obnoxious about it at all, but it might not be a good idea for some. Also listening to music helped us both have something to focus on. I also used the timer/treat routine once we advanced to walking under saddle. He seemed to understand the routine and again gave him something to focus on rather than be a goofball. YMMV!

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    I have done a lot of what is recommended and they're all good tips. My horse is a water biucket hay dunker anyway, and one thing that kept him occupied which I haven't seen mentioned is throwing in a couple of apples for him to bob for. It took him a VERY long time to fish them out and eat them and he was very entertained. I don't know if a non-hay dunker would catch on as easily but he knew what to do from day 1.

    I also alternated sweet and salty likits and the salt ones seemed to last longer, provide more entertainment value than a quick munch. They're harder and seem less susceptible to being crunched immediately.

    I also hand grazed a toooooooooooooooooon. And when we handwalked, we didn't just go in circles but explored the property. Even once he came back into work, he still liked to go for a walkabout and explore from time to time... both in hand and under saddle.
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