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    Default cartilage vs joint fluid treatment

    I will, of course, be following up with a vet to ask these questions but I'm curious about other's experiences.

    My understanding is that meds like Cosequin/glucosamine/chondroitin act to help maintain and build healthy cartilage in the joints. Adequan/HA meds are aimed more towards encouraging healthy levels of joint fluid/lubrication. (Correct me here if I'm wrong!)

    Do your vets recommend one treatment over another based on those assumptions? As in.. xrays and a joint tap show little fluid in the hocks, vet says HA or an old injury has bone-on-bone interaction and Cosequin is the go to. Is there a benefit to combining them? Or does an animal typically only require one support or the other? I'm sure there's some overlap in that increasing one kind of health in the joint benefits other aspects of joint health.

    I've got an old guy who's been NQR in the past and is currently on the lightest of hack schedules (aka almost never). He's just generally slowing down and stiffening up. Never flexed out on anything, hocks have shown good joint spaces and sufficient joint fluid before. I'm debating about which route might be better for him, or whether I should double up or just try a course of each separately.
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    My vet says that any feed supplement is doubtful in it's effectiveness because of lack of regulation (they can claim anything) and that any helpful medicine is not present is large enough doses. If it were, the medicine would require a prescription.

    I have completed the first month of Adequan saturation (1 injection every 4 days). I gave the last of those injections today. He will get one injection per week for the next month. Then we should be on maintenance which is 2 inj per month. We will probably be injecting his hocks around the first of April.

    Not sure what to suggest in your case: maintenance Adequan will be $90 per month. But it helps ALL the joints that need help, so for an over-all supplement it might be the way to go.

    My vet's recommendation is for a horse that is actively showing and being ridden western pleasure. He's coming 11.

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    Thank you! I agree, and have also been told, that the effectiveness of feed-throughs is questionable. Buttt I'm willing to try a few things based on some folks' anecdotal success

    My guy is going to get a course of IM injections (cannot do Adequan, prior reactions). I'm just curious about supplementing those injections with another kind of support - whether it's more beneficial to try another joint lubricating product or to use a cartilage building one. I know those claims haven't been proven, with the exception of a few prescription products, but going for "well, if it's going to have a benefit I would like it to be *this one*." Would just like to optimize my chances of success if someone can point out things like no use doubling up on similar products, definitely go for a complimentary product, etc.

    I appreciate the input!

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