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    Feb. 29, 2012

    Question Vet says it's scar tissue- looks like swelling

    A little over three weeks ago I was riding and my horse got scared and ran to the other side of the arena. I fell off and the saddle was pulled over. It flipped upside down and was outset my horse's belly. She was very scared and ran and ran and as she ran, the stirrups were hitting her in her leg or both legs. Her front right leg immediately swelled up at her knee. Our vet took X-rays and it was just swelling. We have been hand walking since then and occasionally cold hosing. Our vet came out this morning to look at her leg and make sure everything is ok because I told her last night that it looked like her leg was still a little bit swollen. She told me that it is scar tissue fro trauma and it might go back to normal with time and lineament. My question is, what do you guys think about this? Anyone know anything else to help her leg look completely normal again? Supplements that might help? Anything?

    A while back in August or around there she wouldn't want to pick up her left front hoof. Our vet came out and looked and did flexion tests. Her right knee was out of place which she said was caused by lameness in the back. She determined the both hocks and stifles were sore. She said riding and getting her to use her hind end should help. Before she could come back to do a second flexion test, my horse got hit in the leg with the stirrups.

    She told me this morning to get back to riding again with my horse to build her muscles in her hind end. I'm just very nervous to ride because her leg still looks swollen a little bit, even though our vet says it's scar tissue. Can anyone please for me some insight on this? If it really is scar tissue, I want to do whatever I can to get it to go away be help her leg look completely normal again. It isn't extremely noticeable, but I don't want it to be there. I will take a picture later today and post it.

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    If it truly is scar tissue, there's not much you can do. See my thread on Armchair vets, mystery swelling. My 8yo TB gelding has scar tissue built up on the outside of his right hind from kicking walls when he was on the track. It looks ugly, but he's completely sound.

    As long as she's sound, don't worry. And your vet does make a point of making her use her hind end. If you allow her to go around strung out and not properly using her back and body, she will get sore. A horse at my barn is having the same problem. The chiropractor worked him over, and his entire body was a mess from being allowed to go around strung out. The woman riding him now is building up his strength and riding him properly, but it takes time.

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    If you're really worried, I might get another opinion. But personally, if the horse is sound and the "swelling" isn't hot or painful, I'd try to slowly bring her back into work.

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    Her knee was out of place? How the heck does that happen? That sounds like something that would require immediate euthanasia to me.

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    Could you also be "nervous to ride" because you had a bad fall? I can understand not wanting something to be there, but that's not really realistic in some cases--injuries happen and scars occur and with time they get better, or they don't, depending on the extent of the original injury. If your vet says riding is OK, I'd probably give it a go. Sometimes swelling and stiffness actually improves when the animal is working more. Good luck!
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