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    Dec. 9, 2010
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    Default Sliding figure 8 vs. rings

    Does it matter? I recently ordered the Nunn-Finer figure 8 with the rings and padding and the buckle is right in between my horses lips. Because of the rings and the padding it really isn't very adjustable.

    I would imagine that the sliding figure 8 would be much more adjustable. Can it be adjusted to go up over the points of my horses cheekbones? Is there a big difference between the two outside of appearance?

    I'm trying to not spend a fortune. Any other opinions would be welcome.

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    Jan. 6, 2011


    I love rings, for the look, but they are not that adjustable which stinks. Add raise and padding and you are looking at a horribly unadjustable noseband. The sliders work well, but I am not a huge fan of the look. They are more adjustable, especially if they are not padded.

    Is the noseband raised or padded? If so try flat in a size up so you can cut if needed and punch holes. Rings on a flat noseband are great IMO. I only buy fancy figure eights if they are going on a certin horse I know it will fit as they suck to adjust or make fit if they are too big or too small.

    I hope this makes sense.
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    Sep. 24, 2010
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    I like the way the rings look better and the sliding ones can be annoying because they have a tendency to move all of the time. I have the Nunn Finer noseband too and I hate how it buckles at my horses lips as well, but it fits him perfectly otherwise and he doesn't seem to mind.

    If it really bothers you and/or your horse, the sliding one would probably be your best bet for adjustability but I find them annoying and kind of unattractive.

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    Dec. 7, 2008


    I really like using the rings. The "sliding" figure 8s never seem to fit properly.

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    Jul. 19, 2003
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    The Nunn Finer figure eights are notorious for sitting right over the lip. They don't ALL fit like that. My Five Star buckles way up close to the bridge of his nose.

    Regarding which I prefer, well, it depends on the horse. Easy to fit horses are fine in the rings and I like them aesthetically a little better. But if you have a horse with a funny shaped head, then the sliding is easier to get a good fit on. I used one on a pony who had a big cheek and jaw, but tapered down into a pretty small pony nose. I got a much better fit and adjustment on his with the sliding noseband.

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    The sliding ones are frustrating because they slide all over the place and never stay put and the kind with the rings are frustrating because you can never adjust them precisely the way you want them. Therefore, I eschew figure-8 nosebands.

    If the fit is otherwise good but the buckle falls in a bad spot, take the noseband to a leather shop and have them shorten the strap so the buckle sits where you want it.
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    Nov. 13, 2002


    I have a Nunn Finer sliding one and I got it because it needed to fit horses with very different sized heads.
    I have not had a problem with it moving around once adjusted.
    If I am understanding your question about adjusting the side pieces- yes you can and it will change where the piece sits on their cheek.
    The fixed ones never seem to sit in the right place to me.
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