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    Default Standardbred tattoo/freezebrand patterns

    I am trying to locate a chart that gives the letter(s) to all horses born in a certain year. I found one chart on that had the letters and years up to 2003, but since I am looking mostly at younger horses, I would be more curious at knowing the letter and/or number pattern up to the present time. I
    am not a Standardbred owner, nor do I have a particular tattoo number that I am interested in looking up. I know that the USTA does have a tattoo search function on their webpage, but I have not been able to find some sort of a chart on that page.

    I would appreciate any help!

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    The freezebrand will be five characters. One or more of those characters will be a letter, the rest will be numbers.

    Before 1982, the LAST character in the tattoo designated the year of birth.

    From 1982-2003 the FIRST character in the tattoo/freezebrand designated the year of birth.

    1978 W
    1979 X
    1980 Y
    1981 Z
    1982 A
    1983 B
    1984 C
    1985 D
    1986 E
    1987 F
    1988 G
    1989 H
    1990 J
    1991 K
    1992 L
    1993 M
    1994 N
    1995 P
    1996 R
    1997 S
    1998 T
    1999 V
    2000 W
    2001 X
    2002 Z

    From 2003 - Present, the SECOND character in the freezebrand designates year of birth.

    2003 A
    2004 B
    2005 C
    2006 D
    2007 E
    2008 F
    2009 G
    2010 H
    2011 J
    2012 K

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    I did not see that link. Thank you both for locating it for me. It is very helpful.
    I appreciate your help.

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