Ok I am finding it extremely unfair that not only did I find one, but TWO horse trailers that have my exact list of "Wants", yet DH and I can't take on another payment comfortably.

So instead I venture to Ebay to browse for saddles. I've been half-ass looking for a dressage saddle for several months after I started working for my trainer and discovered how awesome a comfy, well-fitting dressage saddle REALLY is.

Two days ago I found (yet again) TWO saddles that would be perfect. And affordable. After asking questions, one ended up being a MW instead of a M, so back down to one. Checked the listing today, no bids. But low and behold, another saddle popped up, exact size and brand I want. Only difference is billet style.

This is a sign, right? I should buy one, right?