As I have noted in other threads, we deliberately staggered the auctions so that no two items closed at the exact same time. And, so that no one has to be up in the middle of the night, the last item each day will close BEFORE midnight EST !

So, here is a list of items that are closing this evening! Let's see if we can make this happen in a BIG way! With 3 of the 4 horses seized at UC Davis, you KNOW that bill is NOT going to be cheap. Let's make sure that there is sufficient funds to make sure they don't suffer for the stupidity of anyone involved.

Leg-Up Auction to Benefit the Marin Humane Society - items closing Thursday Jan 10 2013

Please note that although the closing times are indicate below, an item receiving a bid remains open for an additional 5 minutes to allow further bids. The bidding will actually close 5 minutes after the last bid is made.

A photography session and the resulting photos by Kelsey Sullivan 9:10 pm EST
1 Breeding to the Hanoverian Stallion, Ridley 9:25 pm EST
1 Breeding to the Hanoverian stallion, Argosy 9:40 pm EST
1 Breeding to the Oldenburg stallion, Edward Scissorhands d'Avalon 9:55 pm EST
1 Breeding to the Oldenburg stallion, Legaczy 10:10 pm EST
1 Dose - Wolkentanz I Frozen Semen 10:25 pm EST

Good LUCK everyone !