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    Default OCD Pellets, Equi-Bone, Osteochon for fractures?

    I have OCD Pellets and Osteochon and am also hearing about equi-bone.

    Maybe they're even all just unproven nonsense when it comes to helping heal a fracture, but I'm willing to throw money at it.

    Still, how much is too much? he's been getting osteochon and OCD for a while so I know he tolerates it, is adding another dangerous?

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    Fractures have a remarkable way of healing without meddling with supplements, as evidenced by the history of medicine that predates the supplement industry. Which spends billions/annum convincing us that we cannot POSSIBLY get by without them.

    If it weren't for the simple phrase "Well, it can't hurt" the supplement industry would implode and shrink back to the size it ought to be--small and focused on things that animals and people actually NEED.
    Click here before you buy.

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    there is another thread about equi-bone. 2 say great stuff and 1 says forget it. good luck!

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    You are more than welcome to contact Dr. Beebe with OCD Pellets with your question. His email is

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