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    Quote Originally Posted by ddashaq View Post
    Sorry for the hijack, OP, but I am curious about the J-tail thing. Is it when the tail is held stiffly but very low with a kink in the bottom couple of inches? I knew a Paso that was used for breed demos that did that and I always assumed that he was uptight, but now that I think about it, I don't recall ever seeing him swish at flies. I did not realize that they did that to Pasos, which is a sucky thing to do.
    Yeah exactly. It looks like this:

    This one is worse:

    And both of these aren't "botched". It's what they think looks good.

    Sorry for the hijack.
    You are what you dare.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timex View Post
    Regardless of the method, whether you agree with it or not, to leave the horse alone like that, with other riders in the ring, is irresponsible and dangerous. Period. And to get no response from the BO? Sure looks like the BO has no concerns for the welfare of her boarders.
    First thing I thought of, and continued to feel after reading through this thread. Would hate to be the BO's insurance carrier...

    Don't care what "results" he's looking for, but to leave the horse like that with others in the ring is asking for trouble. I'd tell the BO to set aside a time the ring is closed for her 'expert' to do his training, and then adjust everyone's board accordingly.

    Oh, and by the way, once the horse has 'given', where is his reward? Oh, it's out in the aisle somewhere, getting another horse tacked up for more of the same.

    OP, thank you for stepping up. I'd be out the door the next day. No way would I want my horse, myself, or my friends subject to this stupidity.
    But he thought, "This procession has got to go on." So he walked more proudly than ever, as his noblemen held high the train that wasn't there at all. H.C.Anderson

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    I haven't read through all of the replies, but I imagine this is probably mentioned elsewhere:

    Leaving a horse unattended while others are in the ring is a HUGE liability problem. Discuss this with the BO in that context. The training issues are another matter entirely which the BO might be ok with.

    If this kind of thing continues to happen, then look for another barn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by high hat View Post
    Just to say I saw a 'hunter/jumper trainer' do this. She didn't get why I went off on her when she hopped off tied the reins to the stirrup and tried to leave the arena while I was teaching a group of beginners.

    Had to add this so people will know it isn't just WP people.
    Yeah, I have to add that this is not a problem unique to the WP people...I've seen horses lunged/ridden with side/draw reins so tight, horse ends up with severe back/neck issues. One such horse simply dropped to his knees and refused to get up. Another flipped herself over and fractured a vertebrae. And this was an english trainer. The abuse is in the english world as well...look at the wide array of severe bits in both disciplines...

    OP, I hope you can find a barn more in line with your philosophy. This BO/trainer combo is bad news and I wouldn't want to have to witness this kind of abuse while trying to enjoy my horse if I were you.
    JB-Infinity Farm

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