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    Quote Originally Posted by mandimai View Post
    This sounds pretty nifty! I was just diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrom (on top of everything else -- ugh!). Maybe I'll give this a try too. Are juicers expensive?
    I paid about $200 for mine ...i got it at Kohls. Some are super expensive.

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    Just remember that drinking the juice is much less beneficial than eating the whole un-mashed fruit/vegetable. For one, it creates a product which is much more quickly digested than the original, so your body processes it much faster, and puts the calories away as fat. When you eat the unprocessed carrot or apple, for example, the slower digestion makes you utilize the nutrients more completely, you get more of the fiber and you don't pack away the calories, you burn them. There is where your energy is, in the whole food, not in juicing. Juicing is like drinking sugar water when it comes to the fruit sugars, its a quick blast to the blood sugar and then a drop, with fatigue. With vegetables, the carbs go to the fat stores instead of energy because its so quickly digested.

    Its much better to eat the raw food than to juice for nutirition and energy. When nutritionists council me about diet they warn to stay away from alot of juicing because it packs on fast calories into fat and that eating the whole food requires more work for the body and therefore better digestion of the sugars and carbs which go towards raising the metabolism and energy levels of the body.
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    OP--> just saw my dogs chiro today and we had an interesting discussion about acid reflux. He says that it's from too little acid, so things like ACV are beneficial because it helps create the acid in your stomach.

    Also, have you been tested for gluten allergies? I know it's all the craze, but some people get acid reflux with gluten.

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