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    Default Height question

    We have a 19 month old filly who measures at 15.2h. Sire and dam both 15.3h, and neither known for adding height except for the fluke exception when their mate probably had more to do with it. Full sibling to ours was a maiden foal is 15.2h mature (and done growing). Another full sibling guessed to end up around 16h. Her sire tends to throw smaller then the mare, looking broadly across the majority of his offspring.

    Our filly string tests to 16.2h. To be honest, I could care less what she ends up or if she stays at 15.2h her whole life - but it does have me curious, is it possible for her to defy the odds a bit and end up around 16.2h? I would expect several years more of growing from a yearling.
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    I believe the general rule is to add 1HH to the height at 2 years old.

    Make sure you're measuring correctly.. horse standing square, poll below the withers, on flat ground with an accurate measuring tool

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    I have a mare who was like that! She finished taller then her dam (16.3hh) and sire (17hh) at 17.3hh! She was a great deal taller then any of her full siblings (that I am aware of) so it does happen! Now, with that said, she did grow 2 of those inches when she was 5 or you never know...

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    at 19 mos she is a 2 YO not a yearling....but still would expect another hand unless she is from early to mature lines so yes it sounds like 16.2 would be possible.

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