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    Default Best foal blankets and where to buy.

    For the first time I have two foals due in mid-March. I'm located in northern VA. I would like to purchase blankets for them that would hold up while turned out during the day. Anyone out there purchased one and been very happy I'd love to hear from you. Thanks

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    I don't blanket my foals, even the ones born in January so I can't help you there but I love Schneider's foal saver blanket to put on for the first few days after birth. It was a lining in it that wicks away the moisture so it is perfect to put on the still wet foal after birth and towel drying. Mine lasted through 3 foals and 2 years of my goat wearing it for the winter and still looks brand new.

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    I second Laurierace. The Schneider foal saver is a great blanket for baby to wear first few days after birth in cold weather. We purchased more than one size. We also don't turn out the babies in blankets unless it is the foal saver during the first week.

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    I also agree with the previous two posts, I was lucky I had mine this year. Foal was born in April but it went down to -10 and snowing, the foal saver from sstack worked perfect!

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    Thanks all. I don't blanket my foals either, but wanted to have a couple of foal blankets in case I needed one in the first few weeks. My mares foal out at my vets so they are usually there for the first week after foaling. I've ordered from Schneider and will look at their foal saver blanket.

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    I've used a large dog blanket on a newborn, complete with belly straps and chest strap. We just bought it at a pet supply store and it worked well.

    For older foals in wet/cold weather I use the Rhino pony turnouts in sizes 63" through 69" and they seem to work well if one buys the correct size. I've used them for three or four years now. My foals come in May (Northern Virginia) so I generally don't need turnouts much until late Fall and realize that a 63" Rhino will be very big on a foal born this coming Spring.

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    I use Horseware Amigo Foal blankets for my little ones if they need it. We are much further north than you so although most of our horses are out of blankets by April, it can sometimes be a bit chilly for the newborn foals some nights. For the weanlings going through their first winter ours wear either Weatherbeeta pony or Horseware Rhino pony blankets.

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    Schneiders !!! For everything!!! That's all my horses wear unless I get in a pinch and have to go buy without waiting!! I live in nova as well I can show u what I have!
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    I think I saw some recently at Saddlery Liquidators in Haymarket...

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