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    Yes, be careful with the detergent or you will come home to a laundry room full of bubbles!! I grew up with a Bosch front loader and am still (partially) traumatized for getting in trouble for a bubble flood!

    I've found that this detergent works really nicely with front loaders and doesn't have a lot of crud in it that can cause allergies/issues:

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    Quote Originally Posted by twhs View Post
    Just got back from Sears where I bought a top load washer with agitator and no brain so I get to make all of the decisions which I like. I appreciate all of your posts especially those about the front loads and low back issues and horse poor's comments which took into account the laundry room configuration which also played a huge part in my decision.

    I liked the front loads w matching dryer when placed on pedestals and could see how these would be easy for me plus everyone here is saying they do a better job cleaning. The problem I run into there tho is that our laundry room is small and the room you go through when parking in the garage. Darling granddaughter comes every weekend and all holidays and throws all her gear on top the dryer. Barn jackets, hats & ariats get tossed on the washer. There really is no other place. The drawer in the pedestals for the front loads didn't look like they could stand up to the abuse from kids.

    What we got is pretty much what I was satisfied with the past seven years. Once it's installed I have 60 days to change my mind.

    Thanks again And horse poor, I don't envy your predicament. Dealing with contractors is even worse than selecting a new washer and you have both!
    twhs - care to share brand and style # of this brainless washer? I'm sick of our ineptly "smart" one!

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    Yes! I need to know which washer are good and 'brainless' . I bought a low-ish end Kenmore from Sears in July 2011. The last 3 lowish-end Kenmores lasted a minimum of 10 years, some of them 15 and never needed a repair.

    July 2012 it died. They said it was "too damp" in my cellar and the circuitboard couldn't take it. I asked how people in places like Louisiana and Seattle did laundry. He didn't appreciate my sense of humor. At his suggestion I put it up on some blocks so there is more air circulation but they have been back now every 3 months (glad I exteneded that warranty) and come July 2013 when the warranty runs out I will be replacing it and I want one that either had damp-proof electronics, or better yet, none.

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    Jul. 2, 2008


    Hilary, sorry to hear of your washer problem. The washer we got is the GE Model No GTWN5250DWW. On the Searw website it's No. 02624242000. After we purchased it from Sears tho, my husband had second thoughts because by the time delivery, installation, service, insurance charges were added the total bill for washer and dryer came to $2,000 . So he took the info to Best Buy and ordered there, saving us close to $500. BB didn't have the machine on the floor but since they carry GE they could get it for us. It hasn't been delivered yet -- our fault with conflicting schedules, not theirs -- but after I run a few loads I'll post my opinion.

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    Jul. 2, 2008


    Just wanted to post a follow-up to say that I am loving the new GE washer and dryer. (See above post for model and price info.) Using it for our clothes and not for horses. The washer does have a brain w auto settings which are easy to over ride but truth be told, I'm getting spoiled handing the decisions over to GE and everything has turned out ok. When the w/d came, I'd just thrown my back out so hubby was doing all the laundry for at least a week and there was a lot. He did heavy stuff as well -- comforters, bed spreads -- as well as the normal. And he did it easily!!! Nice to know we now have machines that even a man can operate!

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    I wanted to second the Speed Queen front loader, just bought it after reading all the post. Talked with sears and all the washer they sell lock when they start and control the water level and temperature, all auto set you can't change it. Some federal law in 09 changed how washers set water levels, The speed queen will open when washing and you can add water to it if it isn't full enough. I always add water to a full load as the regulation level is to low. Anyway the speed queen is a steel wash barrel,3 yr. warranty and works like washer used to work before they put motherboards in all the machines. works great and I can control the options. whew.........

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