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    Quote Originally Posted by stargzng386 View Post
    So I ordered Meagher's book.
    Everyone should read this book and keep it in the barn for reference! You'll get a lot out of it. Sending you a PM re: therapists.
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    If you can't use an electric heating pad, pick up a "hydrocollator pack" (search on google, widely available), heat it up ahead of time and pop it in a cooler to take with you to the barn. Moist heat is said to be better than dry anyhow, and the weight and intense warmth of the hydrocollator packs make them staples at most PT practices for applying heat. Very inexpensive, safe and simple and nearly indestructible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JB View Post
    Meagher's book should be required ownership for all horse owners
    Oh, I love this book! I find it really easy to follow although it does take time and patience

    Thanks for the tip on the hydrocollator packs, DW, though they aren't that inexpensive. My barn is an hour away. Do you know if they will stay warm that long in a cooler? If not, I know who I'm going to use it on - me (I'm pretty sure I need it more than the horses).

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    I've read through the replies and don't see where anyone suggested using liniment before you ride.

    I agree the massaging action helps at least as much as the liniment itself, but applying to the area before you start work lets the natural warmth generated by movement assist the liniment's action.

    IIWM, I'd apply the liniment by hand - not by spraying on - and work into the muscle before getting on.

    My guy has a wonky ankle RF and I use plain rubbing alcohol (with wintergreen) and a quick massage before wrapping w/polos & riding.
    As a bonus, my mildly arthritic hands feel better too.
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    thanks guys! I have been palpating his butt before riding and if there is any soreness I've been rubbing the liniment in before and after riding on that spot. Only had to do that once and since then he's been pretty good. I'm looking into the heating pad and will be getting my book soon Also searching for a good massage therapist to come out soon and give me some exercises.

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