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    Default Helmet gurus: New helmet design. Applicable?

    We've had some great discussions about head injuries, and having recently had a whopper myself, I've been very appreciative of the work done by the armed forces and the NFL increasing awareness and developing therapies. Wasn't like this back a few years!

    In today's Boston Globe Technology and Innovation section (since all New Englanders are avoiding the Sports page today) there is an article about Vin Ferrara, MD and former Harvard quarterback and his design for a helmet that protects the brain better than current designs. I recommend the article for the information and ideas within, and would love to hear what our CoTH gurus think about applicability of the technology for riding helmets. It should be noted that the design is still being improved and it is not universally loved.

    Since I am constitutionally unable to do a link, the company making the helmets is Xenith
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    I'm no helmet expert, but interested in this topic.

    Here's the link to Xenith's explanation of their technology:

    Here's the link to the Boston Globe's article, but you have to be a subscriber to see the whole thing:

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