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    Dec. 11, 2012

    Default Baucher bits??

    Can anyone explain to me the function of a baucher bit? My horse has done well in a sprenger kk loose ring but I do like to try new things!

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    Mar. 4, 2007
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    You might search the dressage forum. They've been discussed with some frequency.

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    Feb. 28, 2008


    agree, search the dressage forum there is a lot of reading... but in short a Baucher bit is very stable in the mouth by its design - like a full cheek with keepers - and some horses like that very much, including my own. My horse has a busy excitable brain, when he gets insecure he starts to champ the bit, if the bit rattles back at him it makes him all the more distracted and nervous. A mullen mouth baucher is his bit of choice.

    Whether it induces poll pressure or not is still debated, I'm in the no poll pressure camp.
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    I like to try new things, too, but not in the world of bits. If my horse is happy and going well, I tend to leave things alone.

    But a baucher is basically a bit that, due to its "hanging" by a separate loop of metal from the cheekpiece, is a little more stable in the mouth than a single-ring bit. It is *not*, contrary to popular belief, a bit that provides any significant poll leverage. Just watching the action of a baucher in a horse's mouth makes this pretty obvious.

    I have used one on a couple of my horses and not noticed any gigantic difference one way or the other. However, that is my general observation about all bits. Either my horses are pretty phlegmatic as a group or I am not very observant. But most (if not all) of mine are pretty consistent no matter what bit I use. Perhaps because I don't look for bells and whistles.
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