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    No experience with them myself, but I remember noticing ceiling mounted ties in the photo of retired Sapphire and the donuts. Shown here:

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    I hung my crossties at right angles to my aisle.
    It's just me and I have 2 stalls on the aisle and the opposite wall is 24' from the stalls.
    Using both crossties means horse is facing the stalls but with an empty space (my tack/feed area) in front of him.

    I generally use just one crosstie so, in effect, horse is straight-tied in my aisle while I tack up.
    So far no problems except for nosy pony pulling a brush box off the shelf on the stall nearest his nose.
    No freakout, but a mess for me to clean up.

    Instead of baling twine, I attach the horse-end of the crosstie to the halter with an aluminum carabiner clip that links crosstie clip to halter.
    If horse pulls back the carabiner gets bent open and releases pressure or breaks away to release horse if they keep pulling = freakout.
    Cost to replace clip <$1
    I've only had this happen once - current carabiner is over 10yo.
    *friend of bar.ka*RIP all my lovely boys, gone too soon:
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    Quote Originally Posted by hosspuller View Post
    Your barn, your choice ... I would not tie a horse to anything that could not stand the pull. Including an unhitched trailer ... ever see a gate chase a horse?
    I am not sure where you got the idea I (or anyone else) was suggesting tying to anything that would not stand the pull.

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