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    Default Dogs, Egg Yolks, and Cholesterol

    A single egg yolk contains all of the cholesterol I need for the day. Am I putting my dog at risk by feeding him egg yolks?

    Over the years I've heard a number of claims about eggs, their "superfood" properties, how to feed them (raw, vs. boiling to denature the whites), etc. In general, the cautions about feeding them multiple times a week stems from concerns about loose bowels or weight gain.

    I know that dogs can suffer from high cholesterol if they have other health issues but do I need to worry about this for a young, healthy dog?

    I eat scrambled eggs 2-3 days a week and scrambled egg whites 4-5 days a week. On the days where I eat just the whites I've been scrambling the yolks (2 yolks) and giving it to Dex as a post breakfast snack. He could certainly use the weight and I don't like wasting food.

    Is this a safe practice long term?

    * normal disclaimer that I recognize no one here is a vet and I need to consult with my vet about health issues. He has an annual in Feb. and I will also run this by his vet at that time *

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    I have never even considered a cholesterol risk for my dogs. They live maybe 15 years so I'm thinking they just don't live long enough to have this issue. And they are not obese. Eggs will always be my go-to protein.

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    I don't even think cholesterol is that bad for people so eggs being "bad" for dogs doesn't even enter my radar screen.

    ETA I don't think it is bad or unhealthy in any amount, certainly not two yolks a day amounts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cowboymom View Post
    I don't even think cholesterol is that bad for people so eggs being "bad" for dogs doesn't even enter my radar screen.

    If cholesterol is so bad for you, why does every cell in your body have the ability to manufacture it and actually requires it to function?

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    It's not about cholesterol being good or bad - it's necessary for us to function, so is good in that sense, but too much DOES cause problems for us, so it's bad in that sense.

    You can reduce the cholesterol intake by using eggs from truly free range hens - they are lower, to an extent, than caged hens because their diet is so much more healthy - garbage in, garbage out. Don't buy "fed a vegetarian diet" eggs either - chickens are not vegetarians
    The CoTH CYA - please consult w/your veterinarian under any and all circumstances. - ET

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    dogs don't develop the metabolic disorder of lipids/inflammation that leads to arteriosclerosis in people. Dogs bodies are designed to run on high levels of dietary fat, and they aren't susceptible to developing these problems.
    Even in humans, the evidence strongly suggests that it's not dietary cholesterol that is the cause of the problem- if you are healthy, eggs are just fine to eat, yolks and all.

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