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    Default Lava Buns -- appropriate for barn cats?

    I was wondering if the wise folks of COTH have experience using Lava Buns (or any other sort of microwaveable heat pad) for barn cats in the winter. The last thing I'd want to do is burn the cats. On the other hand I have seen cats sit on things that I can't believe would be comfortable, like radiators!

    I could initially wrap the pad in blankets but determined burrowing would probably get the cat down to the pad itself pretty easily. So I want to make sure it's not a bad idea.

    My goal is of course to warm the kitties -- especially one who isn't doing so well this winter -- but don't want something that would have to be plugged in at the barn. Thanks.
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    I've used these:

    And they work great. Hard plastic, hold up forever, are warm and stay warm for a long time.

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    I second the Snugglesafe heat discs (and conversely use the cool pod in the summer). You just heat the Snugglesafe in the micro for a short time and get up to 10 hours of heat. It comes with a cover for the disc which I use as well as putting it under a towel over a mat. I mostly use it at agility trials outdoors in early spring when it can be wet/damp/chilly and in late fall before we go inside for the rest of the season to keep my girl warm. Just pop it in the crate under the mat and it keeps things toasty. I know a number of breeders use them in the whelping box as well.


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