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    Quote Originally Posted by Lookout
    So it's interesting to see that it has now inverted to become necessary for the heels to be high in order to shorten that toe.
    I think, from my interpretation, that PR is saying that if you are trying to BOTH shorten the toe and lower/bring back the heel AND it makes that horse sore, then ONE way around this is to temporarily leave a bit more heel than you might otherwise leave on a healthy foot. This does assume at least a slightly pathological foot of the LTLH variety (or LTHH). Then, when you have gotten the toe back at least somewhat, you can start lowering the heels again.

    As for the long toes, you certainly can't lower the heels and do nothing to bring the POB back - that's asking for a tendon injury, so yes, matryoshka, you have to at least address heels. I think you get into a difference between underrun heels and high heels, both of which are too forward, both of which need to be brought back, but at least from what I have seen, the higher heels can be left more easily than the underrun heels, since at least with the underrun heels you aren't changing the height of the heel off the ground even if you take off a lot of heel. Then a swipe or three weekly is usually enough to keep them at least not any worse off while you are working on the toes. I too made the mistake twice of backing the toe to where it should be AND lowering the heels to where they should be and had a sore horse for a couple of days.
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    Thanks for clarifying that for me!

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    Just wanted to take a minute and thank everyone again for how helpful they have been on this thread. I am hoping to take some pics of him tomorrow to post, if I have time.

    I am surprised at how many views this thread has gotten and hope it has been an educational experience for everyone IMO that is what it's all about.

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