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    Default Calf vs. Buffalo

    Never ridden in a buffalo saddle, mine is full calf. I like the soft grippy feeling the saddle has (compared to grain leather), is buffalo comparable (in grip) to calf, or more like grain leather?
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    I guess it's up to personal choice, but in my opinion a buffalo saddle (at least mine) is much more grippy (while still being as soft, if not softer) than full calf. I am comparing a full buffalo Devoucoux to my previous saddle, which was a Butet. I think that buffalo saddles are known for their grippy feeling. I felt a big difference, and I thought my Butet was grippy!
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    My buffalo saddle is maybe the grippiest saddle I've ever ridden in. And it never really needed to be broken in. I've never regretted spending the extra money to get the buffalo leather.

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    yup, the difference is in the "grippiness"... if that was ever a word... pardon my French.
    Buffalo is much grippier, gives you a more secure feeling in the saddle.
    Although it's really a personal choice, some riders actually find it too grippy and prefer the freedom of movement that calf allows.
    Best way it to test ride different saddles that are already broken in.
    I personally like the compromise of "Grained Buffalo" which is grained resistant leather on the flaps, and grippy soft buffalo leather on the kneepads and seat... also saves you a couple of hundred dollars compared to full calf or full buffalo.

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    My Delgrange was a Calf/grain, while my current CWD is the "grained buffalo" like Miloute described. The difference in the grippiness was extremely noticeable! The buffalo is still soft, yet extremely durable and grippy! I've never felt as secure in a saddle as I do in this one. The saddle will last forever!

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