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    Question Part Lease not What I Thought

    Since I travel so much for work I decided to part lease my good mare. She thrives on attention and being ridden, so I moved her to an indoor and advertised the part lease. Several ladies wanted the part lease and I made my choice based on what I thought was suitability and riding ability. The part leasor has only ridden 3 times in December. She told me that she is short the $$ for January and has not shown up yet this month. Should I care or just wait it out? I only charge her a token amount and really just wanted the horse to have some attention. We did sign an agreement for 3 months.But now I am feeling guilty that the mare is not getting used.

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    I would ask her if its really worth her money to be paying for a lease she's not using? Some horses really don't do well only being ridden 2-3 days a week and my lease guy is one of them. I know there have been past situations where his owner had to stop the lease because the lessor wasn't riding him enough. I think especially if your price is more than fair, and you have other people who would take it over and actually ride your horse, you should talk to current lessor about breaking the contract. She may well be grateful.
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    I'd not be offering this person a renewal. If I took the old guy to my trainer's and had an agreement with one of the kids to ride him (groom him, pay attention to him) and they showed up and did that THREE TIMES in one month I'd be finding someone else. Yes December is often filled with activities but you are at a barn with an indoor and that isn't even once a week. And now they haven't the money for January - well, I guess I'd be asking if they wanted to be released from the commitment NOW.
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    It sounds like it isn't working for either of you. I'd have a mature conversation about it: "Part-leasor, it seems like this isn't working for you. You only rode 3 times in December, and can't afford to pay for January. Similarly, I need someone to commit to x days per week so pony stays fit and happy, and I'm not getting that from our arrangement. Why don't we break off the lease."

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    Sounds like it's not a match. Agree with joiedevie99. The leassee will probably be grateful and you don't want the other prospects to get cold.

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    I think joie's suggestion is great. It's a nice way to let someone off the hook without burning bridges and to get what you want (a lessor who will commit)

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    If you like this person and she's good w/ your horse, I'd modify Joiedevie's convo to add that maybe this gal could just pay per ride and work it out w/ you. Sounds like she probably THOUGHT she could get out there more often and THOUGHT she could afford it. But can't. And while she still enjoys the horse time, it's just not enough to meet your current needs. But if you do like her, no reason you couldn't work out a few days per month where she rides when it's convenient for you and whomever else ends up leasing your horse.
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    I am assuming from your user name this is a nice WP mare?

    If so, feel free to send her to VT so that I may part lease her!
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