My girl Mini was a slightly larger edition of the Mini, but all Schnauzer. She liked to run in the yard, wasn't yappy, and loved everyone. My boy was about three when I adopted him from the pound, and he was bigger than a Mini, and full of hook worms. He loved to romp around, was a little shy about strange men at first, but liked everyone. He also liked to catch and dismember the giant grasshoppers we had in Colorado, and that was icky. He didn't eat them, but just ripped then apart systematically. I left him for an afternoon at doggy day care and there were three othe Minis there, and the lady had a picture of all four sitting on the sofa together, and looking out the window-it was very cute. He was a great dog, but a little afraid of small kids. The girl had been raised with a little girl from puppyhood and infancy, so she was used to kids.