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    Default FTGH - Mini donkey in Michigan

    needs a GOOD home. she needs a job and people who are experienced with donkeys. please message me for more information


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    Oh heavens, I had to look and click on the link. Where in Michigan?


    Hubby promised I can finally have a mini donk when the old Newfie passes. Mr Stinky is in pretty good shape for a 13yr old tho he did get to spend last night in the mud room doting over a house kitty with the extreme cold. But maybe tonight I can whine and see....hubby's tend to give in....sometimes!

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    she is about 1/2 hour north of Lansing.. and would look SUPER cute pulling a small cart. She is probably smaller than your Newfie.. LOL

    she does need good donkey training. She is in really good shape physically. she is UTD on all, and has been very well cared for. No laminitis or founder. but, you see, due to her cuteness and smallness, she has been way TOO spoiled. To the point where the owner cannot handle her, and asked me to find her a good home.

    She bites and kicks now (she is a mini so its not too bad). However, she (Dolly) respects this lady's husband and wouldnt dare test him, so I know she CAN learn to be good.

    Im afraid for her future, but we are full up here with current rescues. She absolutely CAN be a good girl, i hate to see her going this route.

    though, due to her cuteness/smallness i have to warn that she would NOT be safe around children until she is fully trained and reliable.

    She would be awesome pastured with other equines. A great varmit killer. she is currently housed with mini goats and protects them.

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