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    Few issues though....I think more and more "suspensory" issues are caught now early. Most horses that I've know with suspensory issues were caught at a stage where it was just inflamed...and no tears. Recovery/Rehab still takes a long time, but those sort of injuries I do not consider in the same breath as an old bow OR tear.

    I've treated several horses with IRAP, PRP and shockwave. In no instance was I told that such treatments would shorten the rehab time....but such treatments hopefully increased the chances for better healing and lowered the risk of re-injury later. If people are not taking the time to re-hab...they are generally not doing what they are told to do by their vets. This is NOT new IMO. Perhaps more people are doing re-hab with a control work as opposed to just stall resting and turning out.......but I don't think this is "disrespecting" the bow...more following the current protocols of walking and slowly working a horse rather than risking re-injury in turn out.
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    Interesting discussing. My horse has an old bow, and I've completely dismissed him ever going above Training. But then he hopped over a couple of Prelim fences schooling yesterday and now I'm thinking maybe I'm writing him off before he's had a chance. He's my first horse, and it's an ugly bow, but his trainer said he'd had 2 years off to stand in a field after it happened. I don't know, I always thought it would limit him, but 4 1/2 years later he's never taken a lame step on it and he's beginning to turn into a "big boy"

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    Quote Originally Posted by up-at-5 View Post
    I have one off the track with two huge bows. She's a very very nice horse, my dressage mount. We don't jump the moon, and she's never taken a lame step due to the bows. I do get the odd sideways glance from people looking at her legs when we have been out at shows, though. And I will never forget a comment that a local trainer said when she first saw her: "she'll make a great broodmare". WTH!! The bows are unsightly, but they didn't "ruin" a good horse!

    One complaint I have is that she is hard to fit when buying fitted boots for her front legs, they never seem to fit right, and always slip.
    Not sure if you can see this pic, but here is a link, I did a quick look and found this pic of Adelaide, only one side is visible, but both fronts match in regards to the bows.
    She looks great Lori! So glad you kept her name, I really liked it.

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    I rehabbed a bow relatively recently (2 years ago) and it still was 9 months or so (maybe a little more- can't quite remember) until return to full work and full turnout.

    We stall rested, hand walked, then did part day turnout in the penalty box (medical paddock lol), then walked under tack, trotted under tack, etc...
    We re ultra sounded every 90 days and adjusted the rehab based on the results. Didn't do any of the new treatments, bow was minor.

    The horse in question has had no problems with the tendon (has lots of other problems though).

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    Since I am currently rehabbing a bow on my 20 year old TB, I just had this conversation with my vet, who is a former track vet. He described the degrees of bow and the quality of healing as an "organization" of new tissue - the more disorganized the healing, the less elasticity the tendon will have, and the more likely that there could be another bow.

    Happily our bow is healing very nicely (very organized, says the vet) - though now the silly old TB has managed to do something to his knee. Yay.
    where are we going, and why am I in this hand basket?

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