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    Having grown up on a farm, in a VERY agriculturally aware area, it always amazes me how little other people know about where their food comes from. The same people who shop local, and buy organic at farmer's markets are the same people who are oftentimes woefully incorrect about items they buy and use on a daily basis.

    Two recent examples:

    1) Co-worker who was convinced that chickens don't produce eggs without a rooster.

    2) Co-worker who thought that Harvestore grain bins were FULL OF MILK. Kudos to her for correctly guessing that it was a dairy farm, but OMFG...

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    I've seen foxes twice in my condo complex (inside the Beltway, NOVA), very late at night when I was getting home from work in the small hours. I've mentioned them to friends and horsefolks, but have no plans to mention them to the HOA here. I'm under no delusion that the HOA would view them for the helpful rodent control they are, and would more than likely try to figure out how to get rid of them. I don't see them often, but it makes me happier knowing they're here SO saw one the other night coming in, and was rather excited to tell me about it.

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    Interestingly, on the rez for the past zillion years it was all pretty much open range, horses seemed to herd together. I guess someone COULD turn their horse out and hope for the best (its technically NOT open range anymore but still see horses on open land), but I sure wouldn't. We have serious predators out here (grizz, wolves, cats), not to mention weather, not the end I have in mind for my guys but there are some tough little buggers over there that seem to do fine, and its not much different than winter range.

    My husband was taking some folks over their fishing (when he guided) and they saw a herd of these ponies(with brands). The tourists insisted they were "wild"horses. He tried to explain to them that they were not wild, but to no avail so finally he just went along with them and expressed delight at the "wild" horses (and got a nice tip!)

    I can't see letting horses "go back to Mother Earth" in suburbia for any reason, but particularly horses that have not been ranged.

    Not so much to do with farming but I was 27 before I figured out that Ginger Ale involved......ginger!!

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