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    Default Does a Luc Childeric ride like a Butet?

    I found a Luc Childeric for a reasonable price online that looks like it might ride similarly to a Butet. I covet Butets but will probably never own one unless it's already been torn to shred ($$$). Am I right in guessing they are fairly similar? Could someone tell me how they compare a bit, please?

    TY in advance

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    The Childeric I had was a very wide twist with a semi-deep seat. The Butet tends to have a very narrow twist with a more flat seat.

    I have not sat in all models of the Childeric, but when I had one, my friend (who ultimately ended up with a Butet) did not like riding in it. Vice versa, I felt like there was not enough saddle under me when I was in a Butet.

    Just my experience.
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    I have had both a Butet and a Childeric. While they were different sizes/flap configurations, I'd agree that the Childeric has a much wider twist than the Butet. I don't feel like my Childeric is a sofa by any means, but it's not a Butet.

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    Luc Childeric used to work as a sellier for Butet so there is quite a bit of similarity.

    However, least to me both riding and watching, the Childeric sets you up a little more forward over your center of gravity and lets your weight drop right over your legs. The Butet puts most a little back towards the cantle....some like that, some don't.

    Visually, the Childeric looks like a Butet but is quite a bit wider and thicker under the cantle to better distribute weight and avoid the "Butet back" some horses suffered. It looks almost like an Antares or PJ from the back width and padding wise.

    Its thicker leather then the Butets glove like stuff, seems just as "sticky" and will probably last alot longer along the flap/knee roll seam and the seat itself.

    They both feel very similar in comfort and security. Tend to fit well enough on alot of horses.

    And I have owned both and like both. Have the Childeric now and will keep it.

    BTW, Childeric has excellent customer service from the NA distributor in Toronto, they are wonderful to work with and carry all the leathers and anything else Childeric. Plus they are always available to answer any questions.
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    I have had a childeric, and ride in a butet. Look for an older butet on ebay, or through a tack store. I did not like the childeric at all. But, each bum to their own

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    Quote Originally Posted by SquishTheBunny View Post
    I have had a childeric, and ride in a butet. Look for an older butet on ebay, or through a tack store. I did not like the childeric at all. But, each bum to their own
    I still have my 2002 Butet and I love it, however does not fit my young one so I ride her in my CWD. To each bum their own, for sure - if you like a little less underneath you, then Butet. I found the Childeric uncomfortable and it felt like I was in a chair seat the whole ride. I found my Butet used through a local tack shop...I nearly parted with it once for financial reasons but I couldn't bring myself to do it ride in each brand if you can, but I don't think they ride the same. Good luck saddle shopping!

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    Just rode in both (brand new) in the same seat and flap configuration as someone in my barn was trying them out and I wanted to see what they were like. Absolutely do not ride the same. Both are grippy and obviously lovely saddles, but the big difference was the twist. I felt the Butet seat was harder and I could feel my two seat bones hitting something sorta hard (narrow twist). Childeric was more cushy and was much more comfortable - the wider twist agrees with me more. I've ridden in Butet's in the past and I am one that gets thrown into the backseat in them. Felt much more balanced over my legs in the Childeric. But I know folks that feel the opposite way, so I think it depends on how you are built.

    Fit wise - they are fairly similar (both fit my horse horribly, lol). I have a somewhat narrow guy with awful wither hollows that requires a wool flocked saddle with a medium to medium-narrow tree and wither gussets. The Childeric came closer than the Butet to fitting him - both bridged over his wither hollow area, but there was less of a gap with the Childeric.

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