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    Feb. 16, 2012

    Red face Brag on my pony!

    So with all the muddy muck, my round pen is slick and the trails are soup. So I've decided to venture out onto the rural roads around my farm recently. The pony I'm bragging on is a little Arab mare somewhere between 6-8 and has spent most of her life hanging out in a field. On our first ride about a month ago she about came un-glued when she saw a garbage can.

    Yesterday she boldly walked by all of the cans waiting for pick up, was rock solid when cars, trucks, and suv's passed and then she really blew my mind when we got caught between a barking dog and an oncoming child on a peddle bike, I really thought she would go nuts. Instead she stood nice and still until he skidded to a stop about two feet away. I like to be an advocate for nice horses and horse people so I talked to the little boy for a few moments and told him if he left his bike he could pet her. I think he may have had some developmental issues judging from his speech, and said ok before waddling over to her still on his bike! Jazz never even blinked just dropped her head for him to pat her like a dog (I asked him to please stroke and not pat). Now she really shocked me when her proceeded to follow us for the next 3.5 miles dragging his feet noisily to stop the bike and she didn't really seem to mind. I have no idea where this kids parents were, or how he missed me telling him to please not follow me multiple times, but I suppose it was good desensitizing for my horse and she got extra kisses for being so super level headed!

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    Feb. 28, 2006
    The rocky part of KY


    Good for you guys! We're in the same boat, temps hovering right between slush and muck and I've been eyeing the road in front of my house - maybe it's time.
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