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    Default Can stress really mess up the GI tract?

    I have one dog who is having GI issues for the lasts few months. Got it under control. Have a second dog no issues.

    Then....we had company. The kids. They are used to living with the kids 24/7 til the last 2 mos. But they are BOTH now having loose stools. The kids are pretty loud and both dogs seem to be showing signs of stress related behaviors.

    And now both are having loose stools.

    Is this normal? Or should I be worried? The kids are just loud, not mean at all. THey love the pups. But they are loud loud loud. It seems like the dogs kind of freak with the noise.
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    Oh man that sucks. No fun for anyone involved. Stress can definitely do it. And if they are showing other stress signals that started when the kids showed up, you're probably spot on that that's the trigger. Have you tried talking to the kiddos about it?

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    I don't know if both dogs would react the exact same way, that sounds more to me like they ate something they weren't used to. My Pom has taken to bouts of diarrhea whenever we go out of town even if my adult child who lives at home with her is still here. Worse when we are all gone. But the other dog has normal stools during that time.

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