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    Mar. 10, 2009

    Default WTF? Dog weight loss pills?

    Now I have seen everything. I'm working from home today so I don't spread whatever stomach plague I have to my coworkers. TV is on for background noise.

    There is an ad now for "veterinarian approved" weight loss pills. I THINK they are called "Doggieslim", but a google search doesn't have a product listed under that name. (Several porn sites came up in the search - I don't want to know).

    Good lord. Do we have to foist our own "anything to avoid eating less and moving more" mentality onto our DOGS? Here's a hint - take the dog for a walk several times a day and you will BOTH see benefits! Far better than administering some sort of stimulant or herbal mixture that might have unforeseen side effects. (Anyone remember Fen-Phen)?

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    Apr. 4, 2010
    Lowcountry, SC


    It reminds me of the diet plan packages for dogs that i saw in Pet stores a few years ago (probably still around). I think it was set up similar to smartpaks for your dog's daily food intake plus daily rations of treats.
    Judging by the number of FAT dogs i see all the time, not enough people bought those diet kits.... no self control on the humans part?!

    very frustrating how many people don't care about the health problems that come with obesity. I mean, they have to KNOW better, right?

    All that said, we have a lab who cannot stay thin without a CONSTANT adjustment of her activity and intake, and she's fallen to the back burner on priorities. But given that she is one of 15 -22 dogs in our care at a time and the only fat one, i can only blame myself so much! Lol. I just can't imagine that all the dogs i see at petsmart are as impossible to keep fit.
    But diet pills? Hmm no.

    (Side note, one of our dogs is on what we call her peepee pills for urinary incontinence, proin it is. I believe the vet said that drug used to be a diet pill for humans but was giving people seizures, but it is OK for dogs with incontinence without the side effects. Was it that same stuff, phenfen?)

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