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    Default Putting a locking differential on a 2WD farm truck?

    I have a 1991 Chevy 2500 that I love to pieces. It's in beautiful shape, runs reliably, hauls what I need it to. Its only, only flaw in the whole world is that it's a 2WD. I knew that when I bought it, and am usually just very picky about when/where I haul.

    This morning, my car was in the shop, so I tried to take the truck to work. No dice - it spun its wheels in the small amount of snow in my driveway and wouldn't budge. (It hadn't been moved in a few weeks and it has snowed 30"+ in that time, so there were some drifts, though I had shoveled out around it.)

    I mentioned the problem on Facebook and a knowledgeable friend suggested I purchase and have installed a locking differential for the rear wheels. He linked me to this one:

    Does this make sense to do? Would you do it? Will it cause any problems hauling a trailer? I'd like to keep this truck for years more, and its 2WD status has always been a source of mild heartburn, especially now that I've moved to Vermont. Will it make enough of a difference to spend $1k? Should I just plan to retire this truck sooner rather than later in favor of a 4WD in a few years' time?
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    the G80 - Locking Rear Differential in the current GM trucks has been shown to out preform the same version truck with 4 wheel drive

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    An limited slip rear end, or even a real locker, won't make a 2 wd truck a good vehicle for snow-better, yes, but still not anything dependable for slick surfaces. I wouldn't put the grand in that truck.

    I would think you could get a whole rear axle from a junk yard for less than that. There are many hundreds of thousands of that body style truck sitting around.

    I like the "one tire fire" statement

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