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    Morse is EXTREMELY stiff to the left (no bend in neck), does not want to pick up the left lead, either spins or backs up when I put my left leg on. He was recently adjusted by the chiropractor and this did not help. Any ideas?

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    Call a vet?
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    Vet is coming out. Just wondering if anyone had experienced anything like this before.

    Condition has been getting worse.

    Tried time off, chiro, supplements, stretches, etc. nothing works so far.

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    You may get more responses if you post on the Horse Care forum. Good luck. Does sound strange.
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    What is his age, breed, typical work schedule? Does this happen from the beginning of your ride or does he get gradually worse?

    I just recently put down a horse with a history of SI pain who became gradually more and more uncomfortable, and more and more dangerous. His evasion was to crowhop, hard--like leap up in the air and come down stiff-legged. We injected his hocks, did multiple chiro adjustments, scoped him for ulcers, put him on GastroGard, tried Legend, bute, robaxin, but nothing helped him. We retired him, but when he started being uncomfortable even in the pasture, we euthanized him. I kind of wish we had done a necropsy on him to find out exactly what was going on.

    Sorry, I know that's not exactly comforting. This horse was a mystery to us. He had been an old warrior at Charles Town, a very muscular horse who probably did himself a lot of pelvic damage breaking from the gate. We got him at 6 and put him down at 15. He'd never been quite right through his SI, but really declined over the last 18 months.
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