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    Question EV114 - What qualifies as a "dark color"??

    I hate "fashion" threads, but I did a search and have re-read the rulebooks and still cannot find a definitive answer to my question.

    EV114 states the coats worn in dressage and stadium should be "Coat—dark color or tweed" (or no tweed if in a HT above Prelim). But what qualifies as a "dark color"??

    Straight dressage dress rules (DR 120.3) state: "At all test levels, riders may wear jackets in other colors within the international HSV color scale, as described in FEI Dressage Regulations, Art. 427.1." Said article states "a black or blue tail coat or other dark colours may be worn within the international HSV colour scale. Colours having a value for "V" smalled than thirty two percent (32%) according tot he HSV model may be approved through application to the FEI. Contrast piping is allowed." Are colors with an HSV "V" value of <32% the only colors that qualify as "dark"?

    "Dark color" is so subjective and whenever I have a piece of equipment that might be at all controversial/questionable (like swan neck spurs), I like to carry a print out of the rule in my pocket. I recently got a beautiful green jacket off eBay that I am very excited to wear next show season: It's a little darker in person than in the pictures, but it's definitely more on the kelly side of green than hunter green. Should I just plan to bring my navy coat as a backup and check with the Ground Jury at every show? I'm honestly not concerned about a judge getting bent out of shape about it, but sometimes fellow competitors can raise a stink over things like jacket colors.
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    I think it's gorgeous and would totally wear it--that's my very favorite color! I also don't give a rip about what someone subjectively thinks but do agree that it is kind of vaguely worded. I would laugh in the face of any fellow competitor who raised a fuss, but would politely listen and be prepared to recite chapter and verse to any relevant show official who protested.

    I wear a chocolate brown jacket for SJ and have never heard a peep. I'm no artist, but I'd wager it's in the same range of color density as your green one, FWIW.
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    I think that green would be fine (and is lovely!) they just don't want people turning up in pink or lilac or something.
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    If it's really the dark, subtle shade that appears in the closeup of the button, I doubt anyone would even notice that it's a slightly "unconventional" color. They would certainly have a hard time ruling against it.

    The color rules seem so silly and arbitrary, honestly. For instance, dark gray and brown helmets are illegal for dressage, but you could technically have a bright pink skunk stripe provided the rest of the helmet is black or dark blue.
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    I think it's yummy!! It's almost exactly the same color I painted my foyer and that whole wall, plus my guestroom! . I can't help with the rule question, but think it's preeeeeeeetty.
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