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    Originally Posted by Ridinwyoming
    I pay for the lessons directly to Sally. The BO is charging Sally a fee for giving lessons at her barn. But now I'm told I'll also be charged an arena use fee for taking lessons with Sally.(my bold
    Quote Originally Posted by SuckerForHorses View Post
    Its clear in the first post. BO is getting money from both, Sally is not passing the fee along to the OP.
    I am lost, where does it say that it is the BO and not Sally who told her?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eleanor View Post
    I am lost, where does it say that it is the BO and not Sally who told her?
    well, the title implies it IMO.
    Quote Originally Posted by BigMama1 View Post
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    Since Sally is not an outside trainer and you both board horses at the same barn this seems a little ridiculous. I looked at a barn that had many fees such as arena charges and light fees. I ended up passing on that particular barn but it made me wonder what the need was for them to nickel and dime people for this stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mp View Post
    But I've never heard of a barn owner charging a boarder an arena fee for taking a lesson.
    This is my stance. I would be irked if the barn was "double-dipping" and charging both the instructor and the rider in this situation. It's not clear if the fee is Sally passing the fee along, but it reads to me like BOTH of them are being charged.

    I do agree that Sally, even as a paying boarder, should be kicking something back to the barn since she's making money off using the facilities. But charging the boarder for the lesson? Nu uh.
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