I have a coming three year old and am exploring my options. I have a few calls to make, but thought I would mine the collective COTH wisdom as well. I don't have a problem with a "cowboy" but I do have a problem with head tieing, or constant pulling the head from side-to-side, round-penning forever, and so on. I know not all cowboys do this of course, but I want to be clear. Same thing with an English-style trainer--I don't want a million hours on the lunge line.

I'm looking for someone to get a decent walk-trot-canter, do groundwork, and hack the horse outside some too.

Who's good, who's bad (pm) and if you have contact info and some idea on rates or how long they require that would be great too.

My biggest worry is that they won't actually ride her--I've seen so many trainers do that, say they are riding and they just lunge half the time, or have an unsupervised working student do the riding (I don't mind a competent working student, but the whole point is there is some guidance from the pro). So I need someone trust worthy because I can't be there 24x7.

I do have a trainer who can take over once she's got the basics, so I'm not looking to have them "finish" her.

Sorry for the novel.