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    Default COTH to the Rescue....Again... How to Keep Heavy Gate from Blowing off in the Wind

    Murphy's Law for the Farm:
    Anything that Can Break on the Farm, Will Break on the Farm.........

    Today the hay shed gate fell off in the wind. I had it open to get the evening hay out, and then poof! It was torn off the hinge and on the ground.

    My husband built it out of a metal tubular gate with vertical pieces of lumber attached across.

    So for the future, what is the trick for being able to open a heavy-ass gate while you are going in and out, but not have it blow off?


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    We set all our gate hinges at a very slight angle so the gate will always swing into the 'shut' position. We also set at least one hinge pin to point down so the gate can not be lifted off all the hinges at once (in order to remove a gate, you have to drop the bracket on the downward facing pin).

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    Default I can tell you how not to keep it from blowing off in the wind

    Do Not Grab it as it goes by. Not only does this not work, it will result in a shoulder tear and impending surgery. On the good shoulder.

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    We don't like to do the hanging by opposite hinges.
    If you need to get the gate off in a hurry, something hung on it, you can't.

    We insure a gate doesn't come of the hinges easily by wiring baling wire around the top hinge.
    That is easy to remove in a pinch to lift the gate off the hinges and out of the way.
    In some we had a wooden post we at times used a big nail right over the top hinge and that also kept it in place and was easy to knock off to the side to get the gate off.

    The trick to have gates in the wind, get gates that don't catch the wind, the less pipes/filled in places they have, the better for that.

    The worst I have seen are those aluminum wide plank gates, they are right down dangerous in our high winds.
    We had some for a while, finally replaced them all and use them now for windbreaks.

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