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    I could care less if someone gets their panties in a bunch over Denny,
    He has been one of my top heros all of my riding life!
    I strongly doubt he blocked her personally. But hey, We do not know her story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xctrygirl View Post
    FYI he can't unfriend you from the farm page. Go there for a second dose of photos and commentary.

    Not true, but as it took me awhile to figure it out, I bet most people don't know how.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meupatdoes View Post
    While anyone can comment, not everyone has the right to be eternally validated by having their opinions taking up residence for all eternity in someone else's space.
    Fine... I never said otherwise. There are plenty of ways to deal with someone taking up residence in your space. 1) Delete the comment. Don't want other people's opinions on your page, use the delete button. 2) TALK to the person -- tell them why you're deleting their comment. Perhaps it was a misunderstanding. if not... 3) Unfriend. Seriously if you only want a cheer squad being able to make comments, then use the "Add Friend" button judiciously.

    That said, blocking? Unless you're getting HOUNDED with messages, blocking is overly dramatic and really makes you look like you're in jr high having a hissy fit.

    If you want your opinion up for all eternity, put it in YOUR OWN space. Nothing is stopping you or anyone else from putting a billboard on your own lawn about whatever issue has lit your fire if you so choose, so I fail to see what is so essential about being allowed to stake out said opinion claim on someone ELSE's lawn.
    Your analogy is incorrect. If FB were lawn signs, then by unfriending, your lawn would be hidden from view though your mailbox would still accept messages. Doesn't exactly work.

    If you allow someone to be a friend, you're allowing their comments. If you don't want disagreeing comments on your professional page, fine... delete the comments or unfriend that person. If your ego can't take disagreeing comments, same thing. No one is saying anything different. In the presented case with the presented facts, it seems like melodramatic overkill to unfriend AND block for the comment that was made.
    "Of course it's hard. It's supposed to be hard. It's the Hard that makes it great."

    "Get up... Get out... Get Drunk. Repeat as needed." -- Spike

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    He's said multiple times that the number of "friends" he can have on his "personal" page is limited, but on the farm page, not so. So I'm not in the least surprised that the unfriended someone from his "personal" page, who disagrees with him or *appears* to be trying to pick an argument. He's simply trying to make room for someone who is really a "friend". You still have access to the info from the farm page.

    I'm guessing you're using a Cat D8 to make this mountain, because you sure have a small mole hill you're starting from.
    "One person's cowboy is another person's blooming idiot" -- katarine

    Spay and neuter. Please.

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    well those Facebook pages are a way for them to advertise their business, so I actually understand removing negative comments from there. I know it doesn't sound super fair, but it's not like they are your friends in real life. I use Facebook on a personal and on a professional level. And if anybody was to make negative comments on my business page, I sure would remove them... just because I can. Now on my personal page it would be a different story, just like I don't turn friends down just for disagreeing with me, I wouldn't just delete their comments and block them without a conversation. I did remove some people who made racist comments, but even those I emailed to tell them why I didn't want to be friends anymore.

    It's a "wall" after all.... if someone is going to come and spray paint my office with insulting words, it's my right to paint over it...

    I still would be curious to know who you're talking about. I do have quite a few BNRs in my contact, and the most active one is actually one of the most famous one too. But I have yet to see one controversial thing that he would have posted. What I like about his page is that you can tell he actually posts himself and doesn't have staff members post on his behalf as some other riders.

    My favorite Facebook "big name posters" are McLain Ward and Bernie Traurig... I like Kent Farrigton's page too, although I don't think he posts himself... Or maybe he does and he truly likes all my comments... aw Kent, will you marry me?? Oops, out of topic, sorry

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeverTime View Post
    Denny Emerson. He has a FB page he updates multiple times a day with photos, info, questions and lots of opinons on eventing, distance riding, breeding and general horsemanship.
    Oh I should have read the whole thing before commenting... I know now

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