I have a registered 15 TB mare that i am looking to re-home. She came with my 4 y/o as a pasture mate and no longer need her here. She has been bred in the past, however, I have not bred her. She was raced in her younger years, but now she is the calmest sweetest mare you can imagine. I was told she was not sound for riding because of an old track injury, but I have tacked her up a few times and done some very light walk trot riding with her (just to test). I haven't gotten her vet checked, but she appeared to be sound at that point. If you would want to use her for riding I would definitely suggest that she get a vet check her out first. At this point, she is just sitting in the field not getting the attention she deserves. I just want her to go to a home where somebody can give this old girl some love and attention! Contact me by PM on here or give me (Gaby) a call at 757-672-2320. Thanks!

Whoever wants her would be responsible for transportation as I don't have my own trailer.