Update: My mutt is now an official American Warmblood. I’m so proud. In all seriousness, we did it for fun, and to eventually think about trying for some year-end awards. He qualified based on his previous record in another discipline, and we aren’t doing any inspection, as he is a gelding and won’t be breeding.

Prawus: thanks for the advice! This is exactly why we registered, for fun.
Isabeau: yes, my mutt is now worth twice the price as a registered Warmblood, right? Maybe I will buy him brand name peppermints instead of Walgreens’ brand!!
Mouse&Bay: thanks! I do know his real name and did a search of the links you provided, but he doesn’t show up. I have NO IDEA what his real lineage is, and I’m guessing I will never find out! Based on his personality, I think he might be part Labrador Retriever. Thanks for the links and the information. Unfortunately, in my state (and his previous lack of registry), there was no requirement for the previous owner to transfer, so I’ve had to do it myself with copies of cancelled checks, etc.
Mystic: thanks for your help once again! Your explanation of the history is very helpful – I couldn’t understand the differences in what seemed to be the same term. The fact that you registered some of yours with AWS gives it credibility in my book. Thanks!
Pinecone: I can understand your frustration; my reason for posting this thread was simply seeking knowledge and understanding along with finding out if my mutt would ever qualify for any year-end awards through a registry, although I did learn tons about varying opinions regarding registries and semantics. He was registered with USEF as a draft cross. However, because I don’t know his lineage, I was unable to register him with the Draft Cross Registry. He was able to be registered with AWS, so that’s what I decided to do.

Thanks for the informative discussion!