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    Default Blanket Safety

    Yesterday the BO saw my gelding playing with his buddy outside. My horse managed to put his foot into his buddy's blanket at the gaping neck opening. They stood there joined at the shoulder until BO managed to open the blanket and free them. They stood quietly and no one was hurt. I know, it's truly amazing. I am very thankful nothing happened.

    I know that the Rambo blankets have breakaway belly straps. However, I havent heard of breakaway chest straps. This particular situation would have needed those to avoid injury. Do these exist?

    Also, does an improperly fitting blanket on the other horse explain why the foot got in there in the first place, or could this happen regardless?

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    Horses are just accident prone creatures. That being said a poorly fitted blanket will be more dangerous then a properly fitted one. I've seen a horse go down to roll and get tangled in loose leg straps, then panic. The blanket never gave and the horse ended up with a lot of chiro issues. Not fun. uses tough nylon buckles. They are designed to break under extreme pressure. They also are guaranteed for the lifetime of the garment so can be replaced if one does break.
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    I have yet to encounter a blanket that does not rip to shreds or the hardware breaks when caught up on a struggling horse.

    A playing horse can most certainly get tangled in a properly fitting blanket. Not as easily as a poorly fitted blanket but still an option. We are talking about horses here. They are always looking for creative ways to injure and kill themselves.

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    The Catch-22 of well made blankets: when you want them to break, they don't. If you buy cheap ones, they fall apart the first time your horse rolls over. You can't win.

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    I have a very talented Arab who has managed to destroy five blankets in five years. He has gone through two this year alone! He is very flexible and loves to roll, and is adept at getting his foot caught in the (tight) belly straps and shredding his blanket - he's done this twice. He has also shown up with a three-foot long gash in one blanket (?!?) and another one he tore at the shoulder gusset. Horses are very creative and talented at hurting themselves or getting stuck in places they shouldn't. If you are really concerned, you may devise a way to replace the buckles with snaps and twine, which would give. However, then the blanket would be open at the front, but secured by the belly straps. There is a reason we work from front to back when fastening a blanket.

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