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    Default After colic care...

    So my 6y/o TB coliced pretty severely this past weekend, enough for 2 nights at the vet clinic severe. He originally presented with not an impaction, anyone's guess as to why he was colicing, some distension in his bowels. Next day he developed an impaction that took 2 days to pass. *Knock wood* he's fine, back home and eating grain as of yesterday, drinking lots of water and slowly coming back into work (just walk for 2 days and little bit of trotting today).

    Right now he's working his way up to 2qt of a mixed grain (2:1:1 oats, corn, 10% sweet feed) 2x/day plus a Se supplement and now electrolytes. Increasing hay at this point, but when he's back to full turnout in the big field he will have access to hay in 3 large feeders. Also gets 1 1/2 flakes from the 3x3hay bales at night. Large heated tough is outside and fairly close to the hay feeders. 2 water buckets are in his stall and filled nightly(so it doesn't freeze).

    Vet recommended wetting his indoor hay and the addition of the electrolytes. He will be worked on a more regular basis as well (he was recovering from a stone bruise/abcess so was off the week prior). Vet is not overly concerned that he will be more susceptible to colic, more like a perfect storm that lead to this colic episode. Still, I would like to avoid repeating those 3 days for quite some time!

    BM thought about adding some oil to his feed to "help keep things lubed up." I do have some flax seed I was planning on starting him on when he was back to his normal feeding schedule (don't want to stress out his system anymore!). He's not loving eating the electrolyte in his grain, but I had been doctoring his "hay tea" and apple treats with the powder to encourage drinking along with one water bucket. I can continue to coat his after workout treat (apple) with it if he continues to put up a fuss at feedtime and try other supplements as well.

    What other tricks of the trade are there? Or does anyone do something different?

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    Oh no Heli, so sorry to hear about your big guy.

    I'd probably give him a probiotic, and treat for ulcers, providing the vet is ok with that.

    The weather shifts here have been brutal this year. I swear they make the colic issues worse.
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    Senior feed is generally a good idea for a colic prone horse, I like that a lot better than your current feed regimen.

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    I agree with Laurie. I don't think I'd be feeding corn and sweet feed to one that just coliced. I'd do a senior feed as well, or something with soaked beet pulp if possible.
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    Can you break his feed up into more than 2 meals a day? From what I've read, the digestive tract is built to eat every 30 minutes so the more you can spread out the feed, the better. There are some auto feeders available for under $200 which might be worth trying. My mare is colic prone during weather changes. We warm up/flavor her water on nights where temps are supposed to drop or when weather prevents turn out. Half a bottle of orange gatorade or a few peppermints in her water bucket make a big difference in her drinking and make me feel better too

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